safe + fun ways to celebrate + entertain



includes lobster cart with rose kegerator for 4 hours / optional pink + white striped or khaki umbrella

includes chef + server, 5 hours

includes bamboo plates + poolware glasses + cutlery + napkins + plexi-safe guard

includes keg of rose or keg of prosecco (approx 130 + glasses) 

cart delivery fee $100

the lobster roll 

traditional lobster rolls + north fork potato chips + pickle 

includes lettuce greens for dairy free guests + corn tortillas for gf guests

$750 staffing base + $45 per guest (minimum 12 guests)

lobster boil

metal buckets filled with

lobster tail + claws + old bay poached shrimp

chicken chorizo sausage + corn + potatoes 

tarter + cocktail sauce

requires access to home oven, includes additional chef + metal buckets, bibs + crackers, additional service table 

$1250 base + $65 per guest (minimum 12 guests)

This little cutie is excited for her NYC


safe + fun ways to celebrate + entertain



includes tricycle + keg of rose (approx 130 glasses)

includes umbrella + pool-ware glasses

specialty cocktail (approx 35 glasses)

sassy water 

$750 includes 4 hours of rental

Perfect to add on to any of our BBQ's + Backyard Pizza Bar or even any

Drop Off Catering!


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