1969 Aristocrat lo-liner 

In 2014 we bought this 1969 Aristocrat Lo-Liner trailer on eBay (bidding on it from a local coffee shop), with big plans in mind! After months of renovating her in to a perfect little event food truck we were ready to introduce her to the Hamptons community as the Hamptons Aristocrat!  We had one goal: offer a fun, new + easy way to entertain at home... the rest is history! 


It’s always so funny to us that not everyone knows that our company name stemmed from this humble little Aristocrat trailer.  We thought, how, so very, tongue + cheek in name, but also quite literal as we caravanned across the Hamptons in our little camper event truck!   The Aristocrat has been part of so many special events over the years and continues to be our mascot!  She has been a tequila bar, omelet station, food truck, champagne bar, taco truck, ice cream truck and so much more! We continued to give her little facelifts and have some big plans for her in 2021! 

The Aristocrat paved the way for our Easy Entertainment business and as our business continues to grow and evolve we will never forget these sweet beginnings! 


Thanks for taking the time to learn about our story, we are so excited to feed you along our journey and we hope that we can make each and every celebration, family dinner, special occasion or weekend easy + delicious!!

Lexi + Louisa

Lexi Ritsch, Co-founder + Director of Catering & Events, (left) resides in East Quogue with her husband, 2 dogs and toddler,

Louisa Young, Co-founder + Executive Chef (right) resides in Remsenburg with her husband + 2 dogs, Captain + Mister.